Guest Brands create a strong business environment

Besides our well-known and established brand DIGITUS®, we present our Guest Brands: Bachmann, Belden, Panduit, PatchSee, REHAU.

For more strength in the business environment, we developed a network of distributors. It is our purpose to create added value for you. Therefore we work with qualified and trustworthy partners.

You have the opportunity to profit from a large product portfolio.

  • Bachmann
    Logo of the brand Bachmann

    Bachmann, active in the electrical engineering sector, is specialized in the fields of electrical components and systems, power distribution units, table connection panels and electrical assemblies.

  • Belden
    Logo of the brand Belden

    Being active in various markets like food & beverage, transportation and hospitality & gaming, Belden focuses on end to end signal transmission solutions.

  • Panduit
    Logo of the brand Panduit

    Panduit develops technological connections in several markets by committing to ecological sustainability at the same time.

  • Legrand
    Logo of Legrand

    Legrand in the Republic of Croatia offers a wide range of electrical equipment, from electrical sockets and switches to complex systems for electrical and digital builidng infrastructure.

  • PatchSee
    Logo of the brand PatchSee

    PatchSee prioritizes the expectations of its customers to build an efficient and powerful network management solution. Their patch cables with a lighting system represent the brand's safe and fast technology.

  • Rehau
    Logo of the brand Rehau

    The experienced plastics specialist Rehau is committed to the future ecological and economic challenges and develops polymer-based system solutions in the construction, automotive and industrial sectors. 

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